5 Ways to Avoid Dining Alone While Travelling on Business

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Let’s face it, being stuck in a hotel room devouring room service on business is kind of like going to Paris and missing the Eiffel Tower. Dining alone while travelling can be a real bore but you shouldn’t need to miss out. 

I’ve personally struggled to find people to dine with when I’ve been in a new city for work, and it’s one of the reasons I created Let’s Meet At – network that connects diners.

These are my top five tips to avoid dining alone while travelling on business.  
1. Use your business network

Don’t be shy. If you’re at a business conference with other out-of-towners, ask them if they’re free for dinner.

Chances are there are many others who don’t want to dine alone as well. They may have other colleagues who they can bring along too.

2. Put a call out on social media

Let your social media friends know you’re in town and keen to catch up for dinner at a local eatery.

I’ve used this method all around the world and there is nothing better than seeing a city through the eyes of a local.

Local foodies love showcasing their city, especially when it comes to food.

3. Ask another solo hotel guest

Other solo hotel guests are easy to spot, they’re usually hanging about the lobby hooked on the wifi or sitting at the hotel bar alone.

Strike up a conversation with them and ask if they’d like to join you for dinner. Ask hotel staff for recommendations of where to go or check out local foodie websites.

4. Ask to join a table with another solo dinner

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and head out alone anyway because let’s face it you’re a foodie and don’t want to miss out on local ask to join another solo diner.

Other solo dinners are easy to spot, they’re usually sitting at the restaurant bar, looking as sheepish as you, introduce yourself and ask if you can join them.

5. Connect with local foodies

A good way to avoid dining alone while travelling is to connect with foodies in the city you are visiting is to join a local foodie group.

After struggling to meet local foodies myself, I started Facebook Groups to connect foodies in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

Join a local group dinner event. Let’s Meet At hosts regular dinners where solo diners can join a group of like-minded food lovers to share a meal at some of Melbourne’s best neighbourhood restaurants. 

If you don’t want to dine alone while travelling for work or play, come and join one of our Food & Friendship Facebook Group – we’d love to have you and so would our members.


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