Melbourne Brunch: It’s What We Do

Published by Kevin on

Melbourne brunch, it’s an institution, it’s what they do, they LOVE brunch. Picking the best brunch spot in town is almost impossible – there are just so many options. With most of them claiming to have the best in town, it feels a bit like Melbourne invented brunch, though we probably won’t find that in our history books haha.  

To help you decide where to go to for brunch when you visit Melbourne or feel like heading out, we’ve made a shortlist of four cafes you really should pay a visit.

Four Melbourne Brunch Spots You Must Try

Industry Beans (Fitzroy)

Industry Beans is not just a place for brunch. They are serious about coffee, and they should be as they serve their award-winning premium blends roasted onsite.

The menu changes seasonally but with dishes like cinnamon dusted brioche, and maple roasted peanuts You’ll want to jump on the number 11 tram to Industry Beans.

Barry (Northcote)

Confit prawn sub with wasabi kewpie and pickled kohlrabi, plus lamb shoulder served with preserved lemon baked ricotta – sound good to you? Then Barry is your place.

Barry is one of the most popular cafes in Northcote. Brewing their own blend of coffee and a delicious menu including many vegan, gluten-free and health-conscious options combined with the lovely and bright venue makes it an excellent place for everyone to enjoy a Melbourne brunch.

Terror Twilight (Collingwood)

Though the name sounds maybe a little scary and dark, Terror Twilight is the opposite. The cool looking cafe in Collingwood serves brunch that doesn’t only treat your taste buds but also makes you feel terrific.

The cafe features healthy vegan and gluten-free dishes, but if that’s not your thing, you can also treat yourself to something a little indigent.

Hardware Societé (CBD)

The famous Hardware Societé has not one but two venues in Melbourne on Hardware Street and Katherine Place, and one in Paris!!

Their mission is to redefine what breakfast and brunch can be. Well, that sounds very promising. One of the more popular dishes on their Spanish and French-inspired menu is the baked eggs in a little pot for one – We can attest that these are DELICIOUS. You haven’t experienced a Melbourne brunch until you have visited Hardware Societé.

There are many places to enjoy a Melbourne brunch. Please let us know your best brunch experiences in Melbourne or join our Melbourne Food & Friendship group and meet us for brunch one morning (*cough 11 am).