Our Story

Our Story

Let's Meet At
1. Used when arranging a social meeting

We’re Loretta and Scott, Founder and Co-Founder of Let’s Meet At, old friends and foodies! We met before the days of Facebook in our early 20s the old school way – as flatmates in a student flat. Scott was a local in the little city of Dunedin in New Zealand, and Loretta was new to town and didn’t know anyone. We quickly became friends and like a good local, Scott showed Loretta the best spots in town... mostly bars in those days!

Fast forward a number of years and we’ve both travelled the world searching for good food and made new cities, in new countries home. Scott moved to London UK and Loretta made Melbourne Australia home.

The REAL Struggle of Making New Friends

While moving to a new place is exciting, we’re both struggled with loneliness. As we’ve got older, we’ve found it harder to make new friends and form lasting friendships, especially in a new city.

Naturally, we both looked online to meet people but only found expectations and shallowness. Like many others, we have felt even more lonely, disappointed and empty from our online experience. In the many years we’ve known each other, the advances in technologies to help connect people have been crazy, yet we still find it’s so hard to make friends in the real world.

We believe that while current apps and websites in the market help connect people, they are fundamentally broken and missing the point! They don’t encourage face to face meetings, only screen to screen contact!

We want to fix this! Here’s how:

We want to create a new tool/product/app that encourages people to meet face to face, in real life not just through screens – we believe there is no better way to form a real connection.

Here’s the thing, we need your help

In 2016 Loretta created Let’s Meet At Australia. Dubbed ‘Tinder for dining buddies’, Let's Meet At was Australia's first web app helping people make new friends by connecting them one-on-one over food. Now we want to build on this concept and tailor it to people living in and visiting the UK.

If you have connected with our story and found yourself nodding in agreeance, then please complete our short survey and help us turn our concept into something that will help you and many others make true friends.

We want to use technology to facilitate human connections. To do this we will be asking you questions, asking for your feedback and inviting you to events.